Alumni Announcements: Kevin Witzke

The Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art is pleased to present Mohawk Brothers, an exhibition by 

Kevin Michael Witzke, 2012 Golden Foundation Resident Artist.

Witzke’s Mohawk Brothers is a painting consisting of ground stone, soil and anthracite coal collected during an artist residency in New York, USA.  The pigments were collected in Chenango County, traditional Mohawk territory.  Witzke contrasts the ancientness of the pigments and geological cycles to the relative newness of humans and our much shorter life span.  The progressive sediment marks deposited upon the canvas merge into a united voice speaking of its origins.


The Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art welcomes you to visit our Window gallery between June 7th and July 20th to view the exhibition. The Window gallery is viewable seven days a week from 8am-8pm.


b. sakata gar