Frequently Asked Questions

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Application Questions

Can I bring my life partner or child with me to the residency?

No. Residency programs and facilities are designed for working artists only. We do allow for visits on an occasional basis. Please make prior arrangements with the foundation if you wish to receive a visitor during a residency session.

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If I work with another artist, how do I apply?

Collaborating artists should apply together. A collaboration is defined as up to three artists who can clearly demonstrate an ongoing collaborative career. Collaborators only need to complete one online application for the group, wherein each artist will provide his/her biographical information. Only one artists’ statement and work sample(s) is required for the collective application. All individual members of a collective must clearly state their roles, and must meet eligibility requirements.

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What should my artist’s statement say?

This is your opportunity to tell the jury whatever you feel they should know about you that isn't represented in your work samples. You should provide a straightforward description of what you hope to achieve at the artist residency. We recommend that you keep it concise, avoiding lengthy philosophical statements or “art speak.”

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How important is my education/residency/occupation/exhibition history?

An applicant’s career point and publication or exhibition history are not a criteria for selection. The applicant’s education/residency/occupation/exhibition history is only reviewed in later rounds upon the selection committee’s request: it is solely a way to give the panelists a context of the work.

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Selection & Notification Process

Please explain ‘reapplication eligibility’.

If you have received a Golden Foundation Residency, you may reapply on the fourth year after your initial residency.

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If I am not accepted, will I receive a critique / explanation?

Our jurors do not provide critiques, explanations, or advice.

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How is the judging conducted?

Materials are reviewed and voted on by the jurors in elimination rounds which produce a smaller pool for each round. An artist's advancement is a product of the collective vote of the jurors. A single juror cannot ensure an applicant's success or failure. Jurors' names are kept confidential until the selections are announced.

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How are residents selected?

We're looking for talented, serious, and dedicated artists working in paint. We encourage established, mid career, and emerging artists over age 25 to apply. Selection of Residents will be made by a committee consisting primarily of artists and art professionals of distinction. The committee’s criteria will focus on the quality of work. Financial status is not a consideration in the selection process. Final recommendations will be approved by the Executive Director and Board of Directors.

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Dates & Deadlines

I haven’t received notification about the status of my application.

If you have not been notified by December as to whether or not you have been accepted, please contact us at contact@goldenfoundation.org

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When are the Residencies announced?

All residents will be notified of final decisions in December.

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When is the application deadline?

The system will not accept online applications after 5PM Eastern Standard Time on September 13, 2021. All applications must be submitted online.

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Artwork and Expectations

Who owns Artwork produced during the residency?

All artwork produced by artists during their residency belongs to them. However, artists are requested to donate one artwork to the Foundation.

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What are the policies regarding publicity & foundation acknowledgment?

Much of the work produced during the residency will be photographically documented. This will become part of the Golden Foundation archives, and may also be used for grant writing, curatorial purposes, or the Foundation's website. Residents are encouraged to keep the Foundation updated on their current activities on a regular basis. Information of recent accomplishments may be published on the Foundation website. Updated files may be reviewed by curators for possible exhibition opportunities. Resident artists are expected to acknowledge the Golden Foundation’s contribution to the production of pertinent work in all subsequent publicity related to their residency.

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Who is responsible for the removal and storage of work?

Artists are expected to remove their work at the end of their residency. Any transportation, packaging and handling costs are the responsibility of the artist unless an agreement has been made with the Foundation. If work must be left at the residency, the artist will need to make special arrangements with the Executive Director. The maximum time an artwork may remain at the Foundation is six months, after which, the artwork will become the property of the Foundation.

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Expectations towards artists?

It is essential to the success of the Golden Foundation residency program that each artist commit to a level of transparency with their work in that we ask artists to share their work in several ways. At the start of the program, artists are asked to present their work to the Material and Application Specialists at Golden Artist Colors. This presentation helps to guide their time here at the Golden Foundation. During the 4 weeks the Golden Foundation provides 8-10 Technical Sessions focusing on material exploration. Near the end of the 4-week session, the local community is invited to an open studios event (on pause due to COVID pandemic). The Golden Foundation will also archive the work of each artist photographically and with video. Artists are asked but not required to donate a small work after their residency which helps to support artists attending in the future. The Golden Foundation also invites each artist to be a part of the Made in Paint group art show, showcasing the 18 artists of the previous year. ​

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Studios & Housing

What type of transportation is available?

Artists are responsible for transportation to and from the residency. Other transportation arrangements may be made with fellow artists and the Foundation staff whenever possible. Please note that due to the rural nature of the area, no public transportation is available in proximity to the residency.

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What are the living facilities?

In addition to their private apartment and studio space, artists will share a fully-equipped kitchen, common space, and laundry facilities. Artists are responsible for their own meals. No pets are allowed. Artists are expected to pick up after themselves. Wireless internet is available throughout the facility. Please note that due to the rural setting, cell phone coverage can be very inconsistent.

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May I bring my own materials to the residency?

Due to environmental safeguards in place at the residency, artists are required to receive approval for use of any materials not provided by the residency. Artists will need to bring their own tools including brushes, knives, and substrates. A limited supply of canvas and paper can be purchased at the residency for a nominal fee. Because of shared open studio space, solvent use will be limited.

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Who is responsible for the care of the facilities?

During their residency, artists are responsible for keeping their apartment, studio and common space clean. When their residency is ends, artists are expected to leave their apartment and studio in the condition in which they found it. Security deposits will be returned upon inspection.

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How is studio space allocated?

Studio space will be allocated according to the needs of each artist based on such factors as lighting, floor and wall space, medium, and clean up needs.

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Program parameters are based on available funding and other conditions, and thus are subject to change.