Over 30 years ago as they sat at their kitchen table, Sam and Adele Golden would look out over the picturesque countryside and dream of a community of artists living, working, and creating.

With the purchase of the Huth Farm in 2004, the Golden Family began the process of bringing into focus the dream of Sam and Adele. Located just several hundred yards down the road from Golden Artist Colors, the newly transformed Golden Foundation Residency Barn is home to the Golden Foundation.

Living Space

The Golden Foundation Residency Barn's lower level features three residency apartments with individual bedrooms and bathrooms, a modern, fully appointed communal kitchen, an inviting shared dining room, and a comfortable shared living room.

Space to Work

Offices and a gallery space occupy a portion of the second floor, while a 2,400 sq. ft. open-plan painting studio occupies the rest. The studio is divisible into smaller spaces, depending on the needs of the artists. The third floor consists of a smaller loft studio, approximately 900 sq. ft., and another open floor plan resource space, approximately 1,200 sq. ft. This resource space holds tools, a supply of paper and canvas, and demonstration boards for artists to access during their residency. A catwalk bridge spans the third floor materials area where artists have 24/7 access to their paint. (Because of shared open studio space, solvent use will be limited)

Land to Roam

The Sam and Adele Golden Foundation Residency resides on 140 acres of fields and woods in the town of Columbus, New York. Columbus is a small rural farming community about a four hour drive from New York City. The residency property has a beautiful brook running through it, along with miles of groomed walking paths.

The Transformation

Construction began in 2008, transforming a dilapidated barn into a state-of-the-art residency facility. The residency’s environmentally-sensitive design incorporates original post and beam construction, allows for radiant heating, and provides wash areas for paint materials fed to special wastewater treatment facilities. The Golden Foundation Residency Barn is ADA compliant, and all the floors are accessible by elevator.