About The Residency

In 2012 the Sam & Adele Golden Foundation for the Arts opened its doors to a one-of a-kind artist residency for artists working in paint. In the beautiful rolling hills of central New York and just several hundred yards from the Golden Artist Colors manufacturing facility, a 19th century barn has been transformed into a 21st century artist residency, with large studio spaces and private residency apartments. Artists-in-residence will participate in a completely unique opportunity to explore the widest, most innovative range of materials and technology available today for professional artists working with paint.

Residency Program

With a greater array of materials available to artists than ever before, this is an exciting time in art history. The Golden Foundation Residency Program is specifically designed to assist the professional artist in discovering and exploring the many materials and technologies available today. Through the Golden Foundation, residents will have the unparalleled opportunity to work with dozens of unique materials and technologies.

Exploratory Residency

Our residencies are based on the exploration of innovative uses in waterborne materials and oil paint technology.  Residents will discover materials that will challenge the way they think about paint. They will be introduced to materials that will open up new methods and new channels for expression and the creative process.

The Golden Foundation will be offering six Exploratory Residency Program sessions this year. Each session will last four weeks, with up to three artists per session.

2023 Residency Sessions:

March 19 – April 15

May 21 – June 17

June 25 – July 22

August 6 – September 2

September 10 – October 7

October 22 – November 18

Included in Residency

  • A complete survey of the wide range of acrylic, watercolor and oil paints and mediums
  • An introduction to custom and experimental products
  • An introduction to the Golden Artist Colors laboratories and manufacturing facilities
  • Opportunities to consult with paint technicians
  • A supply of acrylic, watercolor and oil paint materials
  • 24/7 access to 900-1,200 sp. ft. open studio space (Due to shared open studio space, solvent use will be limited.)
  • A spacious private apartment with its own private bathroom with shower
  • Access to a fully-equipped shared kitchen, laundry facilities, wireless internet access, and spacious common areas
  • 140 acres of pastoral meadows, woodland trails, and meandering brooks


The Golden Foundation’s goal, since inception, has been to reduce and eventually eliminate the fees for artists to attend the residency. 2017 marked the Golden Foundation’s 20th anniversary, and we celebrated with an art auction! This auction raised enough dollars to allow all artists in the future to come to the residency at no cost. We hope to continue this tradition for years to come.

All artists accepted into the residency program receive a generous supply of paint materials and technical support.

Artists are responsible for their food expense and preparation as well as travel expenses to and from the residency.

Artists should plan to bring their own tools, canvas, and paper. Some canvas and paper will be available through the Golden Foundation.

Upon acceptance to the Golden Foundation Residency, a $250 deposit will be required of all residents.

  • The Sam & Adele Golden Foundation for the Arts, Inc. is a 501 c(3) non-profit organization.


The Selection Process

The Exploratory Residency applicants will be selected through a competitive juried process using SlideRoom. The selections will be made by a committee consisting primarily of artists and art professionals of distinction. The committee’s criteria will focus on the quality of the submitted work.