Current Residents

2022 Artists in Residence*

April 24th - May 21st
Cat Crotchett, Michigan
Louise Mandumbwa, Arkansas
Mark Joshua Epstein, Michigan

Filmed and edited by Lukas Korver

May 29th - June 25th
Cristi Rinklin, Massachusetts
Emily Zuch, New York
Erika Whitney, Texas

Filmed and edited by Joe Gabriel

July 31st - August 27th
Eleanor Conover, Pennsylvania
Jacin Giordano, Massachusetts
Hua-Chen Huang, Taiwan

September 4th - October 1st
Meng-Yu Wen, Taiwan
Elisabeth Condon, New York
Marcello Pope, Texas


October 16th - November 12th
Etty Yaniv, New York
Elizabeth Gilfilen, New York
Laura Williams, New Zealand


March 6th - April 2nd
Laura VonRosk, New York
Maeve D’Arcy, New York
Laura Duerwald, Pennsylvania