Alumni Announcements: Samara Adamson-Pinczewski

2013 Artist in Residence, Samara Adamson-Pinczewski



1.Capable of being touched; discernable by the touch; material or substantial

2.Real or actual, rather than imaginary or visionary

3.Definite, not vague or elusive

Beata Geyer

Craig Easton

Suzie Idiens

Samara Adamson-Pinczewski

Andrew Gutteridge

PJ Hickman

Antonia Sellbach

Ian Wells

Louise Tuckwell

Magda Cebokli

Louise Blyton

Wed 21st May Exhibition Commences

Sat 24th May Exhibition Opening, 4-6pm

Sat 7th June Exhibition Finishes

Suite 1, Level 1/119 Hopkins St, Footscray VIC 3011

Opening hours: 12-5pm Wed – Sat

Image: Samara Adamson-Pinczewski, Silver Flux, 2013, Acrylic on canvas, 183 x183cm