Golden Foundation Builds Artist Residency in Columbus, NY

barnlong2The Golden family often spoke around the kitchen table about starting a small paint company and building painting studios on the farm that Sam and Adele Golden purchased in Columbus, NY in the late 1960’s. Those conversations, dreams and vision, have become a reality.

It is with great pride and joy that The Sam and Adele Golden Foundation for the Arts announces the opening of its Artist Residency Program. Studios and living spaces have been built in a newly renovated hundred year old barn located on Bell Road, just a 5 minute walk from the paint factory, Golden Artist Colors.

Three Residency Sessions, in this 2012 inaugural year, will be 4 weeks each in length, commencing in July and ending in October. The 3 story Residency Barn houses 3 apartments, a communal kitchen and gathering space on the first floor, and over 5000 square feet of studio spaces on the second and third floors.

The uniqueness of the Golden Foundation Residency lies in the support services available to artists, including an allotment of waterborne materials, technical advisory services, material exploratory sessions, a tutorial in material waste handling, and most importantly, time and space to push the boundaries of one’s artwork . The residency barn is surrounded by over 140 acres of walking paths, meadows and forests, and views of the rolling hills of Chenango County. Two workshops are also planned for July and September, occurring when residency sessions have ended.

As we think of Sam and Adele at this exciting time, we remind ourselves of their passion, like newlyweds, in embarking on a mission to continue the support of artists, of fostering innovative artistic expression within the visual arts. The development of The Golden Foundation Residency program provides one more way in which this legacy continues.