Golden Foundation Mary Alice Braukman Workshop

Mixed Water Media & Collage Workshop Using Golden’s Mediums and Gels
Mary Alice Braukman, NWS
July 10, 11 & 12 – 2012
This workshop will be an adventure in risk-taking and pushing the medium as far as it will go. We will explore layering of experimental mediums in depth, striving for results that go beyond obvious techniques and leave people wondering how you created such a gem.

We will work with many textural mediums and gels creating new bases or foundations in your work to allow for different levels of transparency and matte finishes. They may be used to build texture to collage papers and add interest to your paintings. Experimentation will be encouraged. Because there are so many mediums, an artist first needs to determine which characteristics they wish to achieve. Examples of all will be shown.

The main goal of this workshop is to show visual growth in your art through self expression while exploring these new mediums and ideas. It is a workshop to open your creative thoughts to “what if” and how can I best use these mediums and gels.

Each painter will be encouraged to find his or her unique, personal direction whether working abstractly or representationally. It is not a workshop designed specifically to produce finish a painting, but if you do that is great. Everyone will benefit from the sharing of ideas and critiques.

Many of the following materials are found around your home. A few of the materials used in this class will be supplied by several commercial art companies. I want you to experience these supplies and, in addition to materials supplied by GOLDEN, you will have the opportunity to purchase some of your favorite colors and mediums of Golden Artist Colors. The colors are of such a large range, I feel you will want to pick your favorite colors.

The list of supplies you need to bring are below and those with (*) are supplied at no charge to each student.

[list 1]

  • The Golden Foundation is supplying all mediums and gels and a limited number of fluids
  • Crescent will supply watercolor boards
  • Art Alternative will supply each student with one Canvas


Please bring the following:

[list 1]

  • Gator Board or Foamcore for support. I have recently found that “foamcore” gessoed with several coats on front and back works as well
  • Rice papers in white or off-white – please no colored rice papers
  • Tissue paper in white only
  • Media: crayons, colored pencils, pastels Brushes: A few of your own (flats) plus some inexpensive ones for gluing (disposable ones.) sponge brushes.
  • Cutting tools: scissors, single edge razor blade or any cutting tool which allows you to do controlled cutting
  • Freezer Paper, white plastic garbage bags
  • Water container, 2 good spray bottles – one that sprays regularly the other with a “fine” spray
  • Rubber Stamps and scrapers



Instructor Information:
Mary Alice Braukman, NWS
Phone: (727) 527-2009
Web Site: